The Mimbox!

Our first project "The Mimbox" aims to lower water and energy consumption and stop micro plastics. 


At mimbly we work with developing new and innovative solutions with a sustainability and environmental focus. 

Our goal is to enable environmentally friendly behaviour at the source point of a problem, and right now we are working on products to reduce water consumption and minimize the release of micro plastics

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And while we are creating with our environment in focus

we try to create additional value more focused on the individual using our products, such as economic benefits and user centered design.

Why we do it


The water ground-levels in the world is decreasing and we are starting to discover the effects of plastic pollution in our world. 

We want to contribute to a society that can last and offer high living standards for everyone in the long run. 

We want to change the way people use water and natural resources. We believe that small changes can have a huge impact in the great picture. 

 Water scarcity is a growing issue in the world. And greywater is one of the only resources that will keep growing with an increased population.