Our Mission

Simply put: 

We want to change the way water is consumed today. 

At Mimbly we develop innovative products for the household that directly tackle water scarcityHousehold water consumption has a tremendous effect on the world's overall freshwater resources. In the western world each household consumes 950 litres of water per day. Accounting to 10% of the total freshwater resources, which account to 978 trillion liters of water per year.



"Water is the driving force of all nature."

— Leonardo Da Vinci


Powerful facts

60 litres of potable water.
Your average washing machine utilises this amount of water for a single wash cycle. Also accounting to a considerable amount of the household's energy bill. 

978 trillion litres of water
The total consumption per year, attributed to households. Corresponding to 10% of the total human consumption.

15 litres of potable water
Is what a single toilet flush can utilise. 
Being the biggest contributor to the consumption of water in households.